Thursday, June 16, 2016

How to Order PCB it is my first experience

hurray my parcel arrived.

i tell a good news.. wanna free gift universal PCB hole ? go ahead reg yourself and gain $5 coupon, write more story to your blog, perhaps PCBway will give you credit like fresh money to buy PCB from PCBway. it was insteresting make a deal with Lynne Xu, Cust.representative PCBway. such as lovely experience.

when I tell my friend, you know? he have questions for me. where the web, how much did i pay thoose PCB.
well start to make sure them. it's not fake offer promo. i have experience order by myself.

next question, how much did i pay thoose PCB. .. i said no money send to PCBway.. it's true gift away..
how to pay that shipping? psst. :-)

how about local fee/tax? relax if you order bellow $50 then the tax is free, but i'm very takecare myself, i order not more than $20. or ask to declare below that price :-) at my city Kediri only Rp 20.000,-

so what you waiting for? log in to PCBway and watch every order that come in. get free PCB hole from

best whishes,


background skill :Informatic Management, webmaster administrator, Computer Programmer, Electronic maker. simple PCB designer / hobbyDIYmaker

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