Wednesday, September 12, 2018

LED ulat sutra 74164

today this layout bring in this web. you can teach student to learn digital ic 74 series. by saturnindonesia com 1990

Thursday, August 2, 2018

radio fm ronica

Radio |FM  |Ronica.. menarik untuk di buat ulang dengan kualitas PCB yang terbaik
bagi yang mempunyai tunner FM  jadul bisa dirakit ulang dengan menggunakan PCB

ini contoh foto tunner FM dari mas Miko elektro

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Table of Content Project from PCBway 2018

Almost 99 project .. but not yet... thanks to PCBway that support in several years . here the projects :

PCBway the prefect way for your dream come true.  starting from design layout. send to outthere via website. online tracsaction. transparant price and shipment cost.  24 hours customer support, easy notice progress via e-mail. what you waiting for go and sign up today at pcbway dot com and meet us with many design and mostly are open hardware that you can download and re order again at pcbway.

i tell some story,.. every week i got design from my friend.. i select best one to order at PCBway.. some time i charge him.. some time i give away freely .. because we must share joyness and happyness when assembly with good stuff. excelent quality. strong. hard but light material fiber. standar industrial equipment. make your project delivered in best product. eliminated the mistake.

with the spirit like above desciption. We are able join together to both support and share knowledge about electronic. we are happy each other can help to resolve the barrier and dificult part.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Ronica PCB SC-378 Active Surround

Ronica PCB SC-378 Active Surround

Daftar Komponen


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

PCBWay 2 week Deliver our Shipment

faster than before,i was using chinapost. always use it cause cheap .  open 24hour .  preorder on web

unbox  story    sorry loud music bg

I ask my friends.  Designed digital lcd clock. Diy. Arduboy. Amplifier and. Dmdp10 prayer clock use atmega328.  I help them to make order at Pcbway. They have.unique design style.. I love them..after i open it i will re send pcbs to all of them. I hope they.happy got this high quality.board. from pcbway


Order ID: G146252
Order time & date: 3/24/2018 3:18:33 AM

77.2mm * 98mm ,Thickness:1.6 mm, 2 Layers, Finished Copper:1 oz Cu
[Product No:W09439ASJ80]

85.4mm * 36mm ,Thickness:1.6 mm, 2 Layers, Finished Copper:1 oz Cu
[Product No:W09439ASJ81]

1x40pin 2.54mm Straight Single Row Breakaway Male Pin Header
[Product No:P-J82W09439A]

96.5mm * 96.2mm ,Thickness:1.6 mm, 2 Layers, Finished Copper:1 oz Cu
[Product No:W09439ASJ83]

41mm * 65mm ,Thickness:1.6 mm, 2 Layers, Finished Copper:1 oz Cu
[Product No:W09439ASJ85]

20mm * 80mm
[Product No:20180324031536065]

30mm * 70mm
[Product No:20180324031603150]

71 esrmeter2

89mm * 99.5mm ,Thickness:1.6 mm, 2 Layers, Finished Copper:1 oz Cu

Order ID: G136445 Delivery Address
Order time & date: 2/14/2018 1:15:44 PM

Breadboard 830 Point Solderless PCB Bread Board MB-102 MB102 Test Develop DIY
[Product No:P-X72W09439A]

PCBWay PCB Ruler
[Product No:P-X73W09439A]

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