Monday, November 7, 2016

Experience with High Price continue or not

It's hard decision to make PCB with high Price production. Many questions and of course need more much money.  I think it's offer budget.. that pcb must be not exspensive too much. If they production not cheap then finally aborted project.

for example i have design from Mr.Pram about stacked digiclock. yes it more than 10cm so i cannot meet requirment about special price ($10 with 10pcs) i decided pending this PCB, wait for discount or promo / support fund, perhaps put banner logo PCBway on my PCB :-)

another trouble is i try use diptrace. export them, in gerber format, and ncDrill format. but they still must do "requirement or technology changing"  (hmm.. and the price rise up suprisingly)..but i just wait and see some miracle happen on my Project number 12.  (immposible?)

I must continue to pay them or not ?   lets wait and see...

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