Thursday, October 13, 2016

if you share your purchase experience then You can earn cash coupon

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copy paste that insteresting sentences. .. :-)   hiyaaa.. this blog free, i must tell you free stuff.. free coupon here. share happy and lucky moment. free coupon means you can order small stuff with discount coupon. thankyou google.. thankyou blogspot thankyou PCBway

i do many start my Purchase order at PCBway.. i have some collection here. several of my friend send me some PCBdesign. All candidate all nominate can choosen for best design and will go to PCBway to Print to make your design come reality at your hand. any cool design about PCB you can share to me,  If good then i will put at this web :-)

i also blogwalking to search good PCB design. for example i found freeduino org .i create oldies style of rs232 arduino board. Cool.  Overall my experience about this Purchase is good.. see ya at PCBway dot com.

Last experience. I have two design ready to produced. one abandon order. after PCBfabrication finished. i plan to combine shipping package. because to eliminated double cost weight. at local custom here, need fees.. bellow $50 only cheaps at single package. the value inside package do not over $50.  lets pray this package come at november


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  2. this is pcbway( )manager,thanks for your share

    1. cool... thanks, its a honor for post your comment here. i will visit back your blog. this blogspot powerfull to reach good hit in google search engine.